St Joseph's Institute of media Studies (SJIMS)

Department of Communication

Institute of Communication & Media Studies (ICMS)

The Institute of Communication & Media Studies (ICMS) offers a wide range of programmes in graduate and post-graduate studies.

BA - Visual Communication
ICMS, St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), has a rare distinction of being a leader in communication education. If you join the Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication (BVC) programme, you are in the company of the most creative students of Asia! BVC equips you to create information as content-creators to key audiences through various platforms such as social media, websites, television, photography, film and documentaries and print publishing. Students who pursue this course develop skills concerning various aspects of the visual medium such as, graphics, design fundamentals, digital media design, drawing techniques, visual literacy, art and art history, branding, etc. You have plenty of job opportunities available when you complete your Visual Communication degree. Most of our students of Visual Communication find employment in the graphic design, film, advertising, photography, fashion, publishing and marketing industries.

Key features of the programme
• This programme beautifully blends various visual media with strong academic, creative and critical dimension.
• Practical training offered to students in sophisticated visual labs.
• Industry exposure and linkage in the form of guest lectures and internships.
• Qualified teaching and technical staff with industry experience to train students.
• Field visits, cultural festivals and conferences to bring about holistic development of students.

Vocational courses under UGC’s National Skill Qualifications Framework (NSQF)
St Joseph’s College is one of the first colleges in the country to launch a Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc.) programme in 2014, with an aim to create immediate and more jobs for our youth. Hence, by default, they are expected to have a close industry-tie-up; at least, in ICMS at St Joseph’s College, we have it. Here, we have 70:30 practicals:theory ratio, giving a strong employability dimension to it. As mandated by UGC, any B.Voc. graduate is eligible to apply for an MA programme, and can sit any competitive exams. Our B.Voc. programmes give you multiple entry-exit options.