Parents Council

The Parents Council is a forum for parents to address their concerns and voice their suggestions in the overall development of the students. The Council actively engages with the faculty members and comes up with suggestions for improvement in all areas of the students life in College. This ensures that the academic component along with allied activities for the benefit of the students are always doubly reviewed. First by the Institution and then by the parents. As stake-holders in the future of the students, the parents can actively reflect in improving educational services in the College.

Parents' Council Members
• Dr. Ronald J. Mascarenhas
• Fr. Clarence D'Souza
• Dr. Vaishnavi M.
• Ms. Mamatha S.
• Ms. Poonam R, Ahuja
• Mr. Cyril
• Ms. Princy Nisha
• Dr. Eraiah
• Dr. Neil Tannen
• Ms. Jevitha Lobo