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The Student Council of St. Joseph's College is an elected body of representatives standing for the welfare and the progressive development of the student community. With many challenges and benefitting results, presenting to you the SJC Student Council '2021 - 2022

Initiating students in the use of the power of abstraction to perceive enjoy and create patterns and the relationships that underlie the structures of mathematics to pose and solve meaningful problems in the service of humanity.

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Ms. Amita Priyadarshini

Assistant Professor


Dr. Vaishnavi M.

Assistant Professor

Deputy Governor

Rahul Dravid M


3rd BCOM A

Ruchira Radhe

Vice President

2nd Year EJP B

Syed Fatima Qadri

General Secretary

2nd year CZBT

Nisha A


3rd year IES

Nimish Bharadwaj

Joint Secretary

2nd MCOM

Vishaak K B

Cultural Secretary

3rd PCM

Mohammed Muaaz

Cultural Secretary

3rd IES

Mohammed Armaan Khan

Cultural Secretary

3 BBA (Strategic Finance)

Aaron Domnic Jeremy Royan

Cultural Secretary


Sruthi Ramachandran

Asst. Cultural Secretary

2nd Bcom IFA

Donna Delfina Manueel

Asst. Cultural Secretary

2nd CZBT

Joshua Chirag Nag

Asst. Cultural Secretary

2nd JIP

Gurushasthri. B

Sports secretary

3rd EPS

Andria Burchett

Sports secretary

2nd BPS