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Dean of Humanities

The Department of Economics was established in 1882 and is as old as St. Joseph’s College itself. Economics was a subject at the Intermediate level till 1923 and once the college became a First Grade College in 1923, Economics became one among the major subjects of study for the degree students. The Department today offers both Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses. The Post Graduate course was started in 2006. To department is committed to generating interest in the discipline of Economics among students by imparting sound theoretical knowledge and developing quantitative skills to analyze economic behavior. We are engaged in creating responsible citizens with critical thinking, right human values and attitudes who will become agents of change for our society. “Post Graduate Course in Economics aims at building human capital in the discipline of Economics for teaching, training, and research and for employment in various sectors of the economy. The department will remain focused on the need to the formation of Economists who will be sensitive to the economic realities and become change agents for our developing economy”