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Dean of Physical Science

The Department of Physics strives to prepare the students for higher educational and career challenges by fostering scientific temper and human values
The Department of Physics is dedicated to inculcating in its students a deep commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding in the Physical Sciences through promoting a spirit of open- ended intellectual curiosity. We encourage our students to be innovative and adaptable to new developments in society through an emphasis on quality in teaching, learning and research.
The Physics Students Association (PSA) is very active and provides an opportunity for the students to exhibit their extra-curricular talents thereby enabling them to enjoy learning physics. The PG students have an association φψξ (called physeeksee). Under this banner the students host the intercollegiate event called Tek-Olma every year and also organize special lectures and various intra-collegiate events. These associations both at the UG and PG levels provide the students a dais for showcasing their creativity and giving an opportunity to amplify their organizational skills. The P.G. Physics course was initiated by the department in 2010 to promote higher studies and research in physics. The section started with very moderate grants and a humble number of twenty students. The PG section has now grown to include sixty students. The course attempts to provide Physics skills to students by way of providing ground for the application of concepts. There is a very active forum engaged in the discussion of physics strengthened by various visiting experts giving small discourses in their fields of specialization.
Some of the courses are provided through learning management systems. The numerical techniques course has a hand on laboratory using Python programming. There are two open electives 1. Astrophysics 2. Soft condensed matter physics. The students will have to do a compulsory project with premier research institutes like ISRO, IISc, RRI and IIA etc during their final semester. In addition, the program has initiated bridge courses to make learning physics at the PG level more conformable and to provide continuity to the narrative from the UG curriculum and helping students from disparate backgrounds. A recent approval of the department as a research Centre under Bangalore University will see more advances in the unique features of this department.