NSS UNIT 1 & 2

Service of faith and promotion of justice is a significant component of Jesuit education across the globe. It is imperative that our education need to make our students have a deep and profound faith in themselves, in each other and the divine, which needs to be realized in the promotion of justice for all, especially the last, the least, and the lost who are on the periphery of society. Ultimately we need to prepare students who serve the nation with resolute devotion and single-minded commitment.

National Service Scheme is a voluntary organization of young students that provides services to society without bias. It aims to doctrine social welfare in students through community services. Students are the building blocks of society. It is a proven fact that organized group activities are potential enabling factors for cognitive developments and enriching the spirit of brotherhood. We at NSS, strive to achieve similar goals through activities which have a direct impact on the society and environment at large.

Year of NSS established : 24 September 1969
Year of NSS established in St. Joseph’s college : 1969-1970
Advisory committee chairman and principal : Dr. Fr. Victor Lobo S.J,
NSS program officer (1) : Prof. Selwyn Paul. J
No. of NSS units in college : 2

The seeds of this organization were sown by none other than the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi. He said that “The students should do something positive so that the life of villagers might be raised to a higher material and moral level”. National Service Scheme has been a part of St. Josephs College since, its inception in 1969. In the last 51 years that it has been actively taking part in resolving social issues and has expanded its influence.


The symbol of the NSS is based on the ‘Rath’ wheel of the Konark Sun Temple situated in Orissa. These giant wheels of the Sun Temple portray the cycle of creation, preservation, and release, and signify the movement in life across time and space.


The motto of NSS is ‘NOT ME BUT YOU’. This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other person’s point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings.

Students strive to:
- Understand the community in which they work;
- Understand themselves about their community;
- Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in the problem-solving process;
- Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility;
- Utilize their knowledge in finding a practical solution to individual and community problems;
- Develop competence required for group-living and sharing of responsibilities;
- Gain skills in mobilizing community participation;
- Acquire leadership qualities and a democratic attitude;
- Develop the capacity to meet emergencies and natural disaster and Practise national integration and social harmony

Elucidation/Annotation on the Activities
The activities are undertaken at SJC- NSS are aiming for the overall development of the students, by empowering them through workshops. Likewise, other activities like blood donation camps, plantation drives, cleanliness drives, awareness drives, helping the people from low socioeconomic status by making them aware of their rights, are few standard activities that are followed.
NSS- SJC provides a larger scope for the students to interact with people belonging to all the classes of society and thus helping them understand their pressing issues.
The Essence of Human Rights Day celebrations is to bring everyone under one roof and create awareness to respect and uphold the value of Human Rights.
N.S.S Exposure Camp helps volunteers to understand the socio-economic and cultural conditions of rural life. The camp also helps to inculcate the true sense of oneness and know the cultural condition of rural knowledge.
At NSS-SJC we are dedicated to serve the nation and instill the values of service and solidarity among the participants. We also encourage the sharing of ideas and providing support for those ideas to come to life.

1 International day in support of Torture 26 June 2020 Webinar in Collaboration with SICRHREM
2 Kargil divas 26 June 2020 Webinar as a tribute to our soldiers
3 Wear a mask 30 July 2020 Importance of wearing a mask
during the pandemic -COVID 19.
4 Blood Donation, Plasma Donation, and Community Health Awareness Drive 1 August 2020 Webinar on the cruciality of Blood and Plasma
Donation and Mental Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
5 Nuclear disaster 6 August 2020 Webinar on the deadly effects of Nuclear Power
plants and the practice of Nuclear Science on the environment.
6 Cyber Crimes, Cyber Bullying and Cyber Laws 8 August 2020 Webinar to create awareness about Cybercrimes
and the laws about them
7 Independence Day Celebrations 15 August 2020 Sketching/Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Poster making,
Essay writing, Short film
8 Child Abuse and Sexual Harassment 21 August 2020 Webinar to create awareness on Child Abuse and Sexual
Harassment and ways of handling such heinous situations.
9 Impact of Media on Society 22 August 2020 Webinar to discuss the adverse effect of media on society and its consequences.
10 Mental Stress and Life management 30 August 2020 Webinar to enlighten the audience about the various ways to counter stress and maintain Mental Health, especially during the Pandemic time.
11 Orientation Program 8 September 2020 Webinar to brief the volunteers about the legacy of the Association and to provide an Insight on the Proceedings of Scheduled Events.
12 Building Wealth through Stock Market 11 September 2020 Webinar to enlighten the volunteers about Stock Market and its proceedings.
13 First Aid Awareness 14 September 2020 Webinar to brief the volunteers about the importance of First Aid and its Vital role in saving lives
14 Novel Initiatives of Entrepreneurship 19 September 2020 Webinar to enlighten the participants on business start-ups and set-ups and to brief on the possible ways into successful entrepreneurship.
15 Biodiversity 29 September 2020 Webinar to create awareness on the preservation of terrestrial, marine, and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which we are part, which includes diversity within species, between species, and of ecosystems.
16 Nutrition and Food 6 - 10 October 2020 A cooking competition to effectively highlight the importance of nutrition and healthy eating habits.
17 Wildlife Conservation 10 to 17 October 2020 Sketching, Poster Making, Poetry Writing, and Photography
18 Wildlife Conservation Celebration 15 October 2020 Pick and Speak and Quiz.
19 Animal Cruelty 25 - 27 October 2020 Social awareness event on Animal Cruelty to acknowledge and invoke the energetic spirit among the youth
20 Unity Day 30 October 2020 Declamation and Pictry: Reforms bought by SARDAR VALABAI PATEL & Promotion of unity
21 Karnataka Rajyostsava / Indigenous language and culture ( Karunadavaibhava) 12 - 14 November 2020 THEME: RETRO Competitions
22 Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking 16 November 2020 Webinar about the enslavement of youth to drugs
23 Open Mic 21 November 2020 THEME: Kindness is always in season
24 Racial discrimination 29 November 2020 Webinar: A step towards change in perception
25 Human Rights Celebration 1 - 10 December 2020 Webinars, competitions, talk, activities & so on
26 Pollution and Road safety 19 December A video glimpse of victims &precautions
27 Communal Harmony 16 January 2021 Encouraging interfaith dialogue &its importance
28 Republic day 26 January 2021 Republic Day Celebrations: Parade and Competitions
29 Importance of democracy and constitution 20 February 2021 Debate-loop holes & its soundness
30 Personality development and prevention of Suicide 6 March 2021 Webinar regarding mental strength
31 Valedictory program 20 March 2021 Farewell - achievements of volunteers throughout the year
32 NSS Rural Camp May 1- 10 Rural exposure camp

Unit 1-Prof.Selwyn Paul J



Unit 2-Prof.Prasad.C.N