English Quiz Club

The College Quiz Club was founded in 1995 with the objectives of popularising quizzing as a mindsport and promoting a proactive information culture on campus. The Quiz Club aims also to find and nurture quizzing talent so as to ensure that there are good teams to represent the College, to take quizzing and information culture into the larger community through inter-school, inter-collegiate, and open quiz engagements with the general public, and to assist similar development in sister institutions.

Activities for 2020-21

  • Regular weekly meetings
  • Workshops every month
  • Fortnightly Push-ups-open to the general public
  • Open House Sessions—monthly
  • Symmethree-College Team Selections
  • Freshers’ Quiz
  • Women’s Quiz
  • Solo championship
  • Inter-collegiate quizzes
    Tie Grab Quiz Festival: January 2021

Student Office Bearers

  • Convenor : Design Head & Gender Audit - SREYA MANDAL, 3rd CBBT
  • Co-convenor : Scheduling & Public Relations - SAISHYAM SRIKANTH, 3rd EJP
  • Secretary : Documentation and Scheduling - KAUSTUB BHARADWAJ, 3rd EJP
  • Secretary : Campus Programming and Outreach - SAITEJ AMONKAR, 2nd PEM
  • Treasurer : Sponsorships / Fund-raising & Social Media - TAABINDA JAMEEL, 2nd JIP
  • Jt. Secretary : Logistics & Tech - ALAN SHAJU, 2nd EJP
  • Jt. Secretary : Documentation - ADITHI SS, 2nd EJP

Dr.Arul Mani



Pramod Harle