The Indian Music Association-Kalah

Mission statement:
KALAH is dedicated to recognize and encourage the talents of all facets and genre of Indian music, both vocal and instrumental. The talent pool is dynamic and varies every year since the field is very diverse. Hence apart from individual talents, the group is encouraged to experiment to create interesting, original and vibrant fusion music also without language barriers. This mission of the association has witnessed increased enthusiasm among students year after year, as shown by their achievements.

Vision statement:
To passionately try to make the St.Joseph’s College Indian Music Group “KALAH“ recognizable as a bunch of talented musicians at the state and national levels. This is intended to encourage the budding talents to make a mark in their respective fields of Indian Music in the future too. The association also intends to expose the members to experts from outside in the field of music to improve themselves.

  • KALAH organized a grand violin duet classical music concert by ‘Boston Brothers’-Tejas Manjunath and Pranav Manjunath, in the college auditorium on 6th January 2020.
  • The group won second place at the intercollegiate fest at CMS Jain college in ‘Indian group Music’ category on 10th january 2020
  • The Indian Music Association Kalah was introduced to the newly admitted students during online orientation in August 2020. A google sheet was sent to all the class groups and the student council to advertise for auditions. We recieved more than 60 recordings from enthusiastic vocalists and instrumentalists till end of August 2020. The staff and the student coordinators were involved in audition and shortlisting of fresh memebers.
  • A meeting of the 2019-2020 members of kalah was held on 4th September on MS teams to finalise the new members of the association and to discuss the inauguration of Kalah for the year 2010-2021.
  • Inauguration of kalah was conducted on MS teams on 15th september 2020. All the newly inducted members and the senior members were present. Sanjana Satish and Sumukha, the student coordinators of kalah did compering.
    The program started with invocation by Sumukha.The following talented students gave solo performance.
Apeksha-Vocal, Sahil das-Tabla, Srividya-Veena and Lorraine-keyboard

A video of the achievements of kalah was played. It was decided that a new music video be released in the 1st week of October 2020 .
The following students are the newly selected memebers of Kalah

A new song video was recorded during lock downin September 2020. It was released on October 8th 2020. The efforts of the students was deeply appreciated.

1 Aditya rao vocal
2 Varsha ravi vocal
3 Apeksha vocal
4 Aarya Ganesh vocal
5 Preksha vocal
6 Srividya Veena
7 Lorraine keyboard
8 Sahil Das Tabla
9 Kevin Sabu Bass guitar
10 Rohan Varma Accoustic Guitar
11 Pranav Harihar Drums
12 Shreyas Drums