Film is an expensive form of expression but creativity knows no bounds. We are story tellers and all of us want our story to be heard. In a changing world where access to the right information changes lives, the Rushes Film Club aims to cut the clutter and facilitate the exchange of creative ideas that make an impact.

The Rushes Film Club of the Department of Communication, bestow a platform for young and budding (students) storytellers to showcase their talent while also giving them a chance to portray their perspectives in presence of reputed industry professionals. We focus on offering students a stage to voice their opinions.

One of the main events organised by the Rushes Film Club is the annual Rushes Film Festival. It is a student film festival that aims to offer a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talent and skill in the presence of professionals from the industry. Every year, we receive more than 1000 national and 200 international entries. The Rushes Film Club also hosts several industry insightful workshops and webinars for the benefit of the participants.


Prof.Juby John Eipe