Wildlife Awareness and Conservation Club (WACC) was started in 2011 by an interested group of students; it steadily grew to become one of the largest student associations. WACC aims at creating awareness on endangered species and their conservation. It draws attention towards environmental issues such as sustainability, cleanliness, and climate change as well as ethical issues such as animal cruelty.

The Association plays a proactive role in doing so; by equipping students with tools to work towards environmental sustainability. It invites discussions through Wild (an inter-collegiate fest aimed towards creating awareness of endangered species) and Neerathon (a run to promote and advocate water conservation). It organises annual cleanliness drives, plant drives, nature trails and treks. It engages students in fun activities such as pet shows, photography contests, art work exhibitions and essays on relevant issues thereby adding to the causes' momentum.


Prof.Dhivya Kiran Jeevan

Instagram: @sjc_wacc



Exertions and Excursions