Western Music Association

The Western Music Association (WMA) is an Association for budding Artists, Musicians & Music lovers where we strive to promote Music Culture across campus and all fronts.

A platform to support our local artists & spread music awareness across campus. Our Association encourages budding Josephites foster Artistic integrity through various divisions- Acapella, Acoustics, Rap & Beatbox Collective, Instrumentals, Music Production & Western Band. We strive to spread awareness about the foundations of Music through online campaigns and events such as- 'The Artist's Corner' (for talented Artists on campus) and 'Music Speaks' (for students to express their love for music). Our activities include Webinars, 'We-Jam' (platform for all Artists & Musicians to share what they love) and other events where our Artists showcase their talent. Any student with a keen interest in Music is welcome to join us to promote diversity & the culture of Music.

Contact: Kevin Noel Sequeira (3 EJP, 9663501483), Jyothi Bendala (3 CPE, 9591077305)
E-mail ID: wma.sjcblr@gmail.com
Instagram: @wma_sjc


Prof.Neeta Gerosa Pereira