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The Department of Chemistry is over 90-year old department in St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous). It is headed by Dr. Ronald J Mascarenhas and constitutes of active thirty faculty members. The UG Chemical society (UGCS) 2020-2021 is coordinated by three faculty members (Dr. Sunita Rajamani, Dr. Valeen Rashmi, and Dr. Rita Ghosh).
The Student coordinators of UGCS 2020-2021 are Prakruti (President), Lauren (VP – Natural. Sci), Agnideepta (Asst. VP - Natural Sci), Devika (VP – Physical Sci), Ramya (Asst. VP- Physical Sci), Sreestha (Gen Secretary). Event heads: Aathira, Surhiya, Keerthi, and Aishwariya.
UGCS involves students in all activities, giving them opportunities to host, lead, and conduct events, thereby directly helping them be future. In the previous years, UGCS has conducted various events like talk by eminent scientists, quiz, seminars, talk by students, hands-on experiments to detect colours and so on.
One of the best events that UGCS conducts every year is Tackle fest. It is organized by headstreams (NGO) in collaboration with SJC and UGCS, where students from some government schools visit our college. Our students keep some chemistry stalls to make chemistry easy and fun for these school children. Our BSc students become teachers to these school students and teach chemistry and its various colourful reactions by doing experiments that are not hazardous and are easily doable. These experiments are carried out under the guidance of teachers only. The below is a collage of few pics of last year’s events.

UGCS 2020-2021 has launched three initiatives this academic year.

  • For the first time, UGCS has come up with an initiative of Peer Learning in which students will teach other students concepts of chemistry to make learning easier and fun. Om Kumar from 2nd year CBZ heads this division. The secretaries are Shruthi. Sumanth and Likhith. This division has enhanced students’ presentation skills as well as their confidence. The learners are also finding it useful. The students are conducting tests within themselves to bring seriousness and mark the completion of chapters.
  • For the first time, UGCS has come up with Interdisciplinary division where we want to describe how chemistry is useful from various point of views mainly for statisticians, economists and industries. The coordinator is Anaya from 2nd CBZ, and her team members - Tanziya, Joshika, Malavika and Sanskriti. The students with chemistry background collaborate with students with economics and industrial relations background and pick topics and give a panel discussion. These discussions are carried out under the supervision of teachers only.
  • Also, for the first time, UGCS has come up with an online newsletter. We are also excited to launch our Online Newsletter. If you are a student and are interested in publishing your writings, this is the right platform. Approach us and email us as editorial head- Jasmine, Misbah, and Modhulika- asst editor, Contact point- Likhitha

Online Events Conducted This Year
• Inauguration of UGCS, an inaugural talk by Dr. Chandrabhas Narayana (Dean, JNCASR), currently Director of RGCB.
• UGCS students conducted online games for all teachers on the event of teachers’ day

e-newsletter from UG Chemical Society students 2020-2021

Upcoming plans for the academic year

The team of UGCS believes in fun learning, and so we’re bringing to you more events that will be exciting and knowledgeable.

December : A student made an experimental demonstration
January : Chem talkathon & Sci-fi themed online game
February : Two-round event Chem boggle and chem crossword & Chem quiz
Feb/March : Valedictory

Remedial classes will be conducted throughout the semester, and we will conduct a valedictory programme to award the winners of the events that were conducted all through the year.

Contact details of Staff Coordinators:
Dr. Sunita Rajamani (7358639502), email:
Dr. Valeen Rashmi (7795792198), email:
Dr. Rita Ghosh (6295146414), email:

  • Prakruti (President) , Ph no: 8610903081
  • Lauren (VP – Natural. Sci), Ph. No. 7755911138
  • Agnideepta (Asst. VP - Natural Sci)
    Ph no: 7003912814
  • Devika (VP – Physical Sci), Ph no: 8589924055
  • Ramya (Asst. VP- Physical Sci), Ph no: 9591568059
  • Sreestha (Gen Secretary) , Ph no: 8075685440

Interdisciplinary division of UGCS
Ananya (Coordinator)
Ph no: 8762908502
Joshika (Asst. Coordinator)
Ph no: 83102 68372

Team mates:
Malavika - 99469 41173
Sanskriti - 8340 523 431
Tanziya - 87222 86069

Online newsletter team:
Jasmine (Editorial head), Ph no. 98966 23376
Misbah (Asst Ed. head), Ph no. 97384 13469
Modhulika (Asst. Ed. head), Ph no. 85830 31014
Likhitha (Head contact for newsletter), Ph no. 8884444702
Email id:

Event heads:
Aathira:7795001966 , Surhiya:8073924629
Keerthi:8296391908 , Aishwariya: 96632 09659

Om Kumar (Vice President for Peer Learning Division), Ph no. 9972528890
Shruthi (Secretary) Ph. no. 7760862424
Sumanth (Secretary) Ph no. 86183 41078
Likith (Secretary) Ph. no. 99452 38687

Sumeru, Priyanka, Navya, Sushmitha, Debyani, Samridhi, Vivekananda, Anoop, Modhulika, Lauren,
Israr, Sumarya, Sumanth, Athira, Kumari, Devika, Ramya, Santhosh, Soumya, Anguraj


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