Commerce Association

Objective: To provide a platform for students to practice and showcase their acumen in the various fields of commerce.

The commerce Association was started in the year 2015, It provides an avenue for students to bring out their competitive spirit, business knowledge and display their abilities through various events like Human Resource and Marketing, where situations are created for students to practically apply their knowledge and get a real simulation of the corporate world. The association conducts two fests:
“Tharang” an inter class business fest, has always had enthusiastic participation from students of various commerce courses and classes, competing for the overall championship, it helps in practical application of theories, building up decision making ability through Entrepreneurship and Corporate Responsibility events to name a few and helps in the development of stronger bonds within the classes.
“Emporio” our annual inter collegiate fest is one of the most anticipated events of the department, with over 14 colleges participating from all over Bangalore, Events and rounds are conducted and hosted by the members of the commerce association. A festival of talent, “Emporio” gives a glimpse of the competition beyond the campus to all participants. The overall championship is a fierce battle, with winners crowned with trophy's as well as cash prizes.

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