Technophite (PG)

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”- Henry Ford.
TECHNOPHITE is an association founded by the Department of Computer Science (PG). It comprises of a team of passionate and organized youth who are interested in expanding their knowledge as well as their skills. The objective of the Technophite association is to widen the perspectives of Josephite’s and to provide a platform for students to discuss, share and update their knowledge in various domains of information technology thereby encouraging them to undertake a multitude of curricular as well as extracurricular activities.

Vision: To actively organize and engage in various events that will update the students of the college with the plethora of technological advancements that transpire in ways that are fun and rewarding.
Mission: To engage and connect the postgraduate computer science students of our college and the ones across institutions all over India by active participation with in this community and to attend events, to volunteer ,to learn ,to grow and to contribute to the greatness of our institution.

The students are guided in the right direction and encouraged to participate, organize and be a part of various events such as :
Inter collegiate fest: An inter-collegiate fest “SYNTAXIA” is organized by the first and second year post graduate students. The fest included both on-stage as well as off-stage events that helped students to showcase their skills and their talents.

National Level Quiz: “Fact & Furious”, a National Level Quiz is held every year. The association receives an overwhelming response of over atleast 50 to 100 teams from colleges all over the country.

Workshops and Seminars: Various workshops were conducted by the association to provide students with the current industrial insights and hands on experience.

Technical communities: Technical communities provide a platform for the students to discuss, share and update their knowledge in various domains of information technology.

Social outreach programmes: This programme provides the students an opportunity to recognize their social responsibility to give back and contribute to the development of the society.

Future Events: The association plans on conducting future technical and non technical events such as alumni sessions, workshops, guest lectures, gaming events etc.
As a whole, Technophite is a gateway that allows the students to expand their horizons by enhancing their skills and providing vast opportunities.