Business is not just about money, says Mc Mohan

“The mainpurpose of a business is not to gain money but to create and keep customers,” said Ti mothy P Mc Mohan. He was speaking at aconference organised on Saturday, February 22, by the Josephite Media Forum(JMF) under the Department of Communication of St Joseph’s College(Autonomous).The event Corporate Communication and Marketing was intendedfor students to interact with professionals to get real life input of the industry, said JMF joint secretary CarolSaldanha.McMohan, meanwhile, saidvalue plays an importantfactor to grab customers’attention. “Brands have to capture emotion,” he said.According to him, the goal should be to create, captureand sustain value. “Web is the new medium tocommunicate and build relationship with the customers,” he said. He explained that the benefit of this is people will voluntarily search and share informationon social media. Mc Mohan also said the way to customer satisfaction is employee satisfaction, so workers' needs should be prioritised.