Cinema to grapher G S Bhaskar in an Interview with the Beacon

“If communication happens only through images, then you aren’t touching the soul of the cinema. In order to touch the soul of cinema, you must understand what happen sbetween the frames,” said cinema to grapher G SBhaskar in an interview with The Beacon. “The power of cinema lies between the frames, not in the frame,” he said as he quoted American filmmaker Martin Scorsese.Bhaskar was at St. Joseph’sCollege (Autonomous) to address students on semiotics of films at the Rushes National Film Festival(RNFF). “Cinema by its very nature is a sign lanugage.The image that we see is onlya tool and the essence lies indecoding cinema, which is very important,” he added.On being asked about his experience while working with Richard Attenboroughon Gandhi, Bhaskar mentioned, “In terms of experience, it was outstanding. It was a first handon how film production happens in Hollywood. It is very different from film production that happens in India. They have a very scientific way and follow professional approach in film production.”

Bhaskar also spoke about his work in Nagamandalato The Beacon, “It was a takeoff on V K Murthy’s stylesince it was a folk story. I could break away from realism and also had all the freedom for glamorisation of the story.”