Communication Department

Name: Sahana Sarkar

Area: Visual Communication
Affiliation: St. Josephs College, (Autonomous) Bangalore
Qualification: M.A, FPM - C
Teaching Experience:
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Teaching Experience
  • Sahana Sarkar had completed her Doctorate in Communications. Her doctoral thesis was on Cyber violence against women in India: Exploring the role of Digital Literacy.
  • She holds a Masters degree in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India and a Masters in Media Governance from Jamia Millia Islamia, India. Her research interests are Online Privacy, Cyber Harassment and Digital Literacy.
  • She has previously worked with Centre for Internet and Society in Bangalore where she conducted research on Privacy India.
  • She did an experimental study on spammers and wrote about consumer privacy in India for Centre for Internet and Society.
  • She also worked with Praxis conducting capacity building exercises and conducted a month long participatory video workshop with sex workers in Maharashtra, India.
List of publications
  • “Internet Memes as Public Discourse: A Study of Norinder Mudi & Monmuhin” in Children in Media Experiments (CHIME), English and Foregin Languages University Shillong, 2014.
  • “Cyber Violence Against Women in India: Exploring the Role of Digital Literacy” at Summer Institute of Digital Literacy, University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island, 2015.
  • “Embodied Harms: Technologically Facilitated Sexual Harassment Against Women in India” at National Conference on Communication Research in India: Perspectives, Challenges and Prospects, Karnataka, 2016.
  • Internet Privacy: Trust & Identity at ICICCT(International Conference on Information, Communication and Computing Technology), New Delhi, 2016.
  • Facebook And Privacy got published in (June 2012- Current) Okhla Times- and Hindustan Hindi newspaper on 22nd May 2012-
  • Mapping shifts in Telecom policy; Cable consumption in Jamia Neighborhood; and Analyzing media ownership structures in India Today Group. (May 2010-June 2012)
  • Sarkar, Sahana (2016). Internet Privacy: Trust & Identity, International Journal of Information, Communication, and Computing Technology , 4(2), 214-220.
  • Rajan, B. and Sarkar, S. (2017). Study of Whatsapp communication in churches, In Samit kar (Eds.). Religion and society. Kolkata: Monoshakti.
  • Rajan, B. and Sarkar, S. (2018). Analysing Grief on Teitter: A Study of Digital Expressions on Puri's Death. Journal of Narratives and social sciences, Vol. 2, PP.136-152.