Talk your way to success: Simanapalli

“A person’s ability to communicate will always be recognised over any other talent that he or she possesses, ” said Ramlal Simanapalli, a former State Bank of India manager, at the Professional Interface Forum organised by the Department of Commerce and Management at Xavier Hall of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on Saturday, June 22.

The annual forum saw Simanapalli talking to students about skills needed to succeed in the corporate world. He emphasised the importance of oral communication, saying: “It is drilled in our mind that hard work is the key to success. But unless you don’t announce, you will not get noticed in this competitive corporate world; a baby has to cry to get milk." He urged the students to be proactive and take part in every opportunity to improve their oratory skills, whether it is debate, emceeing, addressing a gathering or simply talking to strangers.

He further emphasised the importance of animating expressions and using effective body language while mastering the art of communication which, he said, “forms 55 percent of how effective a person’s message is. " He ended the session by stating what he calls his personal formula to boost one’s career: “If you do an ounce of work you must do a pound of announcement or no one is going to recognize you.”