Media conference panel discuss story telling in the digital age

How has story telling in advertising changed in the digital age? This question was addressed by a panel moderated by Praveen Paul, Managing Partner and Director of Copperstone Consulting Partners.“In the current age whathappens in advertising andbrand marketing issummerisation of content. Instead of viewing content with complete stories, the world is becoming more compact where [audiences] favor to see 10 sec short promotions on social media,” explained Paul.The panel consisted of Sam Moorthy, Partner, Icons and Images, Ganga Poovaiah, VP, Epsilon Agency and Suraj Nambiar, Co founder,The Poster Child. The theme of the discussion was‘Brands and Bards:Story telling in the Digital Age’.

When the panel was asked about marketing and quality of content, Suraj Nambiar said, “Today what happensin the market is that the company has a set of requirements to follow. The content that has been created for the audience not only depends on viewer ship but also depends on threshold and quality of output”.“When the brand gets two minutes of exposure on media the stories they share sometimes has no link with the brand at the end of the advertisement, its like killing the brand at the end of it,"added Paul.The discussion was as part of a plenary session at Media Con 2020