Stories have a powerful effect: Roopa Rao

“Stories can change the world but more importantly it has the power to change an individual”,said Roopa Rao, an award winning film maker in a Masterclass session at Rushes National Film Festival organised by the Department of Communication of St.Joseph’s College(Autonomous) on Monday.Rao took an interest towards story telling as early as highschool, but it wasn’t until she turned 28 that she braved into the uncharted territories of film making. There had been many instances in life that she can now join the dots to, when realisation should have dawned on her that her true calling was beyond the four walls of an office. “Iguess I needed to have my heart broken,” she said while talking about how the termination of a long term relationship actually catalysed her impulsive decision to quit her promising career at Infosys.

When asked what makesher so passionate about hercraft, she said stories have apowerful effect on peopleand to be able to wield suchpower motivates her to pushher limits along withperseverance.“If it is money, fame and theglamour you chase, you’reon the wrong track,” saidRao. She believes that whenit comes to success, it isn’tjust about building a career,it is all about seeking clarity.In response to the concernabout mental blocks she saidthat the most effective way todeal with it, is to avoidstressing about it. “Onedoesn’t stay constipated forlong you see,” she saidlaughing.“I am more of a realist thanan idealist.

I’m not about beautifying the truth, I like toshow it like it is. I want my films to have people leave the theatre sniffling and teary eyed. I guess that makes me as adist” she said, on her approach to film making.It is about losing your inhibitions and letting your pen run unbridled. Once you start catering to the needs of others, you see your stories lose their essence, Rao added.