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The Chemistry Department of St. Joseph’s College, established in 1927, is the largest science department in the College. Over the last nine decades, the department has built up its reputation as one among the best in its field as far as imparting education in Chemistry is concerned. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programmes in Chemistry. At present, the Department has 30 vastly experienced, well qualified and highly dedicated faculty to mentor students and guide them.

To promote among our learners the skills of analytical thinking, experimentation, and application of the knowledge gained.
• To promote the habit of scientific enquiry and research among our students.
• To create in our students a concern for the environment and develop appreciation for green chemistry.
• To prepare our students for life in the larger community.
The department has a well-established research centre equipped with modern scientific instruments. Some of the analytical facilities, the department is proud of having, includes AAS, GC, HPLC, PXRD, IC, AFM, spectrometers, emission spectrometer and electrochemical work stations.

Initiating students in the use of the power of abstraction to perceive enjoy and create patterns and the relationships that underlie the structures of mathematics to pose and solve meaningful problems in the service of humanity. .

Dr Sandra Misquith

Associate Professor


Dr Mohanadas C

Associate Professor


Dr Shraddha K N

Assistant Professor

Dr Daniel Andrew Gideon

Assistant Professor