School of Humanities and Social Science

Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 1882 and is as old as St. Joseph’s College itself. Economics was a subject at the Intermediate level till 1923 and once the college became a First Grade College in 1923, Economics became one among the major subjects of study for the degree students. The Department today offers both Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses. The Post Graduate course was started in 2006.


The vision is to develop and establish the Department as a School of Economics.


‘To department is committed to generating interest in the discipline of Economics among students by imparting sound theoretical knowledge and developing quantitative skills to analyze economic behavior. We are engaged in creating responsible citizens with critical thinking, right human values and attitudes who will become agents of change for our society.’

“Post Graduate Course in Economics aims at building human capital in the discipline of Economics for teaching, training, and research and for employment in various sectors of the economy. The department will remain focused on the need to the formation of Economists who will be sensitive to the economic realities and become change agents for our developing economy”

The College offers four undergraduate B.A courses in combination with other branches of social sciences and I B.Sc course. These courses are designed from a social sciences perspective and are suitable for students who prefer to study the subject as part of a social sciences curriculum. Basic Statistics is a compulsory paper while Mathematical Methods, Advanced Statistics and Basic Econometrics is only offered as optional papers.

B.A: History- Economics- Political Science (HEP)
B.A: Economics -Political Science -Sociology (EPS)
B.A: Industrial Relations- Economics – Sociology (IES)
B.A: Communicative English- Political Science- Economics (CPE) started in 2015.
B.Sc: Economics- Mathematics - Statistics (EMS) – started in 2010.

The pedagogy for the EMS course is different from the BA courses as the papers are taught using quantitative methods. This course is suitable for students who have a sound background in Mathematics.

Curriculum of the undergraduate course
The undergraduate course provides a good academic environment for developing interest in the subject with subjects and syllabi that are current and relevant. Being an autonomous college, the syllabi and the needs of the students go through review every year at the Board of Studies and suitable changes are made as and when required. The department also focuses its attention on its association the Economics Forum. This gives an opportunity for students to organise and participate in various events which pertain to both Economics as well as inter- departmental activities. The department also publishes its annual “Economics Beyond the Classroom” for internal circulation.

The Department offers an M.A Economics course which was started in the year 2006. The post graduate course offers important papers necessary for employment, or for pursuing research. The course has a high level of quantitative dimension to teaching the subject. “Oikonomika” the student association for Post Graduate students of economics organises various activities each year to engage students in different academic activities.

Curriculum of the Post Graduate course
From traditional subjects in Economics such as History of Economic Thought to theoretical subjects and to evolving subjects like Institutional Economics, the curriculum provides opportunities to delve into the myriad and complex nature of economics. The curriculum has skill development based papers Research Methodology and Computer programming to train students in searching and writing literature reviews, analyzing unit level NSS data and other socio economic database along with training to use Excel, SPSS, STATA and R culminating in a dissertation. The dissertation work strictly adheres to time line and has three inbuilt seminars namely proposal seminar, work in progress seminar, final seminar and a research paper from their research of 3000 words.

Compulsory Internship
One of the few Post Graduate courses where an eight week internship is mandatory to successfully complete the course. Students have interned in a variety of institutions and in a variety of assignments. They have worked on research projects at ISEC, NIAS, IIM, IIT,CDS,IGIDR, Planning Commission, other Universities research projects, SJC department’s UGC, ICSSR research projects, State Planning Commission, Prime Minister’s Office for Skill Development, in banks, public sector companies, NGOs and in a variety of private companies.

Our alumni, both graduates and post graduates are well placed in a variety of jobs such as researchers in leading national and international academic and research institutions, as college and school teachers, in the corporate sector, in private and nationalized banks, NGOs, civil services, in the government and as leaders in political parties.

Research Projects
Faculty from the department have completed major and minor research projects from UGC and ICSSR . The department regularly organizes student seminars and has also organized national level seminars.

The Department of Economics has a qualified and experienced faculty. The faculty of the Department have participated and presented papers in International, National and State level seminars/ conferences. They have publications in reputed national and international journals. In addition, staff members are invited as resource persons and are members of the Board of Studies and Board of examiners of the different autonomous colleges in Bangalore city.

1. Mr. Clement D’Souza. M.A, M.Phil, Associate Professor
2. Ms. Anita Norohna, M.A, M.Phil, N.E.T, Assistant Professor , Head of the Department
3. Mr. Keshavamurthy M.A, M.Phil, KSLET, Assistant Professor
4. Ms. Treesa Joy, MA, NET , Assistant Professor
5. Dr. Tulika Bhattacharya, M.A., Ph. D, Assistant Professor
6. Dr. Nikhil Jha, Ph.D , Assistant Professor , PG Coordinator
7. Ms. Ann Francis, MA, Assistant Professor,
8. Dr. Padmaja Pancharathnam M.A, Phd, Assistant Professor
9. Ms. Raisa Elsa Joseph, MA , MPhil, (Part Time Faculty)

Mr. Clement D Souza

Dean, School of Humanities

Ms. Anita Noronha


Dr. Nikhil Jha

Coordinator, Post Graduate

Treesa Joy

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tulika Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor

Ann Francis- MA

Assistant Professor

Padmaja Pancharatnam

Assistant Professor

Raisa Elsa Joseph

Assistant Professor