School of Languages & Literature

Department of Foreign Language

The Department of French offers French as a second language to students. The course is divided into 4 semesters with the I year syllabi equivalent to AI part -1 and A1 part - 2 corresponding to the same prescribed by the Alliance Française. The course aims to offers students a basic training in developing the four competencies of a Foreign Language: listening, reading, speaking and writing. As the themes treated reflect the day to day life, the course enables the student to integrate into university life in France and other Francophone nations. It also furnishes them with skills to write formal letters, CV’s and to express and assimilate views on any current topic.


To help students to explore, comprehend and effectively use the French language and to gain a nuanced understanding of French culture and the Francophone world, thus enhancing their skills as global citizens.


To help students communicate successfully in the French language by using authentic situations and themes and also by equipping them with the requisite grammatical and linguistic concepts so that they would become a natural and spontaneous part of the learner's life.

Ms. Satyashree Balijepally


Ms. Bhamini Ravishankar