School of Humanities and Social Science

Department of History

The Department of History is one of the first departments started in the College dating back to the 1930’s. The batches of students tend to be heterogeneous, ranging from those well-read, possessing a good deal of insight and who have a clear goal as to what they want to do in life to the larger percentage in the class who for reasons academic, economic and social, need basic input, assistance, encouragement and follow up.The Department attempts to make the teaching of History interesting,enlightening and relevant. While conducting class, efforts to inculcate an enquiry spirit among the students is encouraged. The constant use of wall maps, models, pictures etc. are generously made use of to supplement the data.The Department has a History Association titled ‘Parishodhana’. The aim of Parishodhana is primarily to encourage interested students to take part in extra activities, that will make the pursuit of historical pledge and study interesting.


To form persons who will be open to learning; who will acquire knowledge understanding and insights of History.


To provide a good foundation for understanding the dynamics of the historical processes. To provide a platform that will create a critical bend of mind while analyzing issues.  To help provide scope for further studies in history for interested students.

Ms. Jane D'Souza


Dr. Paul Newman

Assistant Professor