School of Humanities and Social Science

Department of Political Science


Head of the Department - Dr. P.E. Somaiah

Concept Based Teaching :
The department strives to promote concept based learning as opposed to topic based teaching. The Department has taken measures to sustain the teaching and learning practices initiated over the years.

Program of Study & Classroom Dynamics :
Each paper offered provides the student with introductory module of Key Concepts, Ideas, Key Thinkers / Contributors, Glossary of Terms, Country Profiles to create appropriate foundation to support content of the syllabus.

Students Presentation & Seminars : Students are encouraged to make presentations on a wide variety of topics using OHP and Power Point. This enables students to gain confidence, sharpen their communication and reference skills.

Audio Visuals :
The Department screens several documentaries and feature films to kindle the interest of students in the area of their study.

Courses Offered :
Undergraduate Programmes
• History, Economics, Political Science (HEP)
• Economics, Political Science, Sociology (EPS)

Postgraduate Programmes
• Political Science M.A.