School of Humanities and Social Science

Department of Psychology and Counselling

The faculty and the students are involved as a team to document socially relevant articles/newspaper items and other reference material. This activity has been pursued over the last few years. There are about 40 topics/areas identified to collect and document material. The documented material is available for reference for both students and staff. This source has been extensively used for classrooms, seminars, participation in essay and debate competition and other co-curricular activities.


The department of Psychology aims to help students develop a deep understanding of the multifaceted nature of the human personality, the wellsprings of motivation and the nuances of interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships and thereby work towards ensuring the social and emotional well-being of humanity.The department also aspires to introduce students to the scientific principles of behaviour and mental processes so that they can make notable contributions to the science, practice and study of Psychology, and to produce professionals who are equipped to serve local, national, and global communities


The mission of the department is to achieve excellence in higher education in Psychology. The focus is on acquiring new knowledge through research, internship and a hands-on learning experience.The goal of the department is to provide opportunities that mould students to be competent, ethical and empathetic professionals committed to the science of Psychology and its application to real-world circumstances. It also aims to make students emotionally mature and creative in their responses to varied life situations.

Ms. Neeta Gerosa Pereira


Ms. Nisha Menzies Rao

Guest Faculty

Ms. Ami Joshi

Assistant Professor