School of Humanities and Social Science

Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work in St. Josephs College was established in the year 2005. The Department is committed to the pursuit of social work campaigns to improve the quality of life of the downtrodden. The Department looks for individuals who inherently possess a commitment to bring about positive change in society and provides them with the right amount of training and orientation to fulfill their deeds in the most effective manner. The academic program is rigorous so as to enable students with an appropriate attitude and knowledge to effectively address social problems in the world.

The BSW program establishes the foundation graduates need to effectively address the social problems of today's world. The MSW program offers an integrated curriculum, which weaves together classroom and field experiences. A well trained faculty shall always be present to assist the student and best guidance is provided on how to bring about social change.


Upholding the universal human dignity and tradition of helping with spirit of equality, liberty, fraternity and social justice as enshrined in the Constitution of India for all citizens with a greater focus on weaker and vulnerable sections of the society.


Our Educational Mission is to Prepare Social Work Practitioners skilled in critical self-reflection, in working with Individuals, Families, Groups, and Communities and to enhance the well-being of the people of our Nation and around the World.
▪ Our Scholarly Mission is to share and create collective knowledge and understanding through engaging in critical enquiry by supporting research and innovative curriculum development at the undergraduate and post graduate level.
▪ Our Practice Mission is to act on Social Justice Issues through community change initiatives by challenging the oppressive societal structure. Thus, to reaffirm the importance of respectful, meaningful and collaborative relationships as core elements of Social Work Practice.

Mr. LT Akshay D. Mandlik


Mr. Y. J. Rajendra

Associate Professor

Mr. D. Kiran Jeevan

Associate Professor

Ms.Latha Paul

Assistant Professor

Dr. A.M. Princess Lavanya

Assistant Professor

Ms. Viola M. Noronha

Assistant Professor

Fr. Simon D'souza

Assistant Professor

Dr. Alan Godfrey. A

PG Coordinator

Dr. S. Rama Gokula Krishnan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shari Tess Mathew

Assistant Professor

Fr. Dr. G Augustine Lourdu

Assistant Professor