Internal complaints committee (ICC)

The members of the committee for the academic year 2018 - 19
Sl.No. Name Designation and Department Contact Details
1 Ms. Maria. A (Convener) Convener (Department of Sociology) 9964812929
2 Fr. Clarence D’Souza Teaching Faculty (Dept. of History) 944928040
3 Mr. Rajendra Y.J Faculty (Dept. of Social Work) 9449011530
4 Ms. Latha Paul Teaching Faculty (Dept. of Social Work) 9591765262
5 Princy Nisha Teaching Faculty ( Dept. of Commerce) 8553518705
6 Ms. Banu M Teaching Faculty (Dept. of Computer Science) 7204388629
7 Dr. B.S Prabhakar Teaching Faculty (Dept. of Environmental Science) 9620204365