List of Open Elective Courses for the I Semester Undergraduate courses

Undergraduate students. All students are advised to go through the syllabus before opting for an open elective. The number of seats for an open elective are capped. If a student is not able to get an open elective of his choice, he/ she should opt for the other that is available. The open electives that are in great demand will be available in the next semester.

The student portal to select the open elective for the I semester will open at 2 pm on 12th October, 2021.

Sl. No Course Code Course Title Department
1 BAOE01 Business Environment Management
2 BAOE02 Personal Branding and Leadership
3 CHOE-1 Chemistry in Daily Life Chemistry
4 CHOE-2 Industrial and Meterial Chemistry
5 IROE-1 Basic introduction to Industrial relations and Employee relations Industrial Relations
6 COMOE-1 Fundamentals of Finance Commerce
7 COMOE-2 Business Intelligence
8 COMOE-3 Advertisement &Content Marketing
9 ECSOE-1 Development Studies Economics
10 ECSOE-1 Pre-reforms indian economy
11 BT-OE-1 Biotechnology for human welfare Biotechnology
12 MBOE-1 Microbial Technology for Human Welfare Microbiology
13 DSOE-1 Basics of Data Science Advance Computing
14 MTOE-1 Mathematics-1 Mathematics
15 MTOE-2 Business Mathematics
16 HSOE-1 Tourism in Karnataka History
17 ESOE-1 Environment and sustainable agriculture Environmental Science
18 PYOE-1 Psychology of Health and Wellbeing Psychology
19 SOOE-1 Sociology of Everyday Life Sociology
20 INROE-1 Globalization & World Politics International Realtions
21 PPOE-1 Public Policy in Indian Context Public Policy
22 PSOE-1 Human Rights Political Science
23 PHOE-1 Astronomy – the evolving universe Physics
24 PHOE-2 Medical Physics
25 ELOE-1 Introductory digital concepts Electronics
26 ELOE-2 General Electricals
27 STOE-1 Statistical Methods Statistics
28 STOE-2 Business Statistics
29 CSOE-1 Programming Concepts in C Statistics
30 CSOE-2 Office Automation
31 BCHOE-1 Introduction to Forensic Science Biochemistry
32 JNOE-1 Reading the City- Bangalore through City Jornalism Journalism
33 JNOE-2 Print Design
34 OEOE-1 Shakespeare's Women--Readings in Gender and Politics Optional English
35 OEOE-2 Monsters Then and Now
36 CEOE-1 Understanding Linguistics Communicative English
37 TSOE-1 Investigating Standup Comedy Theatre Studies
38 ZOOE-1 Economic Zoology Economic Zoology
39 BVCOE-1 Graphic Design / Scripting and Storyboarding BVC
40 SWOE-1 Introduction to Social Work Intervention in different Settings Social Work

Registration of PG open electives which is to be scheduled on 16th October 2021 between 1.00-2.00 pm.

Guidelines, List and Syllabus For Open Electives Under CBCS Scheme for Post Graduate Programmes 2021-2022

Sl. No Department Code Title of the Open Elective (OE) No. of Seats Available
1 Botany BOOE 9518 Horticulture 30
2 Chemistry and Organic Chemistry CHOE 9518 Life's Laboratories 40
3 Computer Science CSOE 9518 Web Technologies 30
4 Economics ECOE 9518 Basic Economics For Non-Economists 30
5 English ENOE 9619 Making It Up: Writing Fiction And Non-Fiction For Children 30
6 Mass Communication MCOE 9618 Indian Cinema 30
7 Mathematics MTOE 9618 Making The Right Decisions 30
8 Microbiology MBOE 9518 Microbes and Us 30
9 Physics PHOE 9418 Astrophysics 30
10 Political Science PSOE 9618 Reading The Indian Polity 20
11 Social Work SWOE 9818 Human Rights 40
12 Commerce COOE 9818 Personal Financial Planning 45
13 Food Science and Technology FSTOE3519 Nutrition, Diet and Health 30
14 Statistics STOE 9620 Statistical Methods 20